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History of Spindrift


Capt. Robert “RT” Trosset is a light tackle fishing guide based out of Key West, Florida. Born and raised in East Central Florida and moving to Key West in 1974, Trosset quickly found a following among hardcore light tackle anglers in the Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club, as well as serious world-record chasers. To date, he’s led anglers to 238 IGFA records on light-tackle and fly. RT was the first guide to lead anglers to over 100 records and has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Gamefish Association (IGFA).

RT came to Key West in 1974 and began working at Kings Point Marina. Bob Montgomery helped Trosset begin his career and soon he was guiding alongside legendary guides like Jose Wejebe, Ralph Delph, Ken Harris and Bruce Cronin.

While the fishing in Key West can occupy a lifetime, RT has also traveled extensively throughout the world for a host of species. If any offshore guide has done it all, it could be argued that RT is the guy who has come closest to that distinction.

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