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Justin Martin
-Duck Dynasty

"If you wanna fish with the best in KW you need to go with RT and Sleepy.  They are always on em and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Whether its chasing dolphin, permit, or sharks on the flats these guys can straight catch em.  I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else."

Uncle Kracker

"Top-notch operation! RT and Patrick literally helped me close out my bucket list. I wasn’t ready for a 300 pound shark, but thank God they were! Ha! I could not recommend Spindrift any more. My friends and I were treated like kings and the very minute we left the marina we were on plane, on fish and on the moon. Somehow, eating tuna 6 minutes after it leaves the ocean doesn’t seem legal but we did it any way. Thank you fellas for the best fishing experience I’ve ever had!! I will not step foot on a boat in key west ever again unless its yours. Thank you!!"

Stu Dunn

As one of Capt. RT Trosset’s first customers (41 years ago!), I’m amazed to still see that fire in his belly - always ready to catch that next fish -- even on his day off!  We go off-shore in Key West for big game. Or stay in shore for table fare. No matter what the conditions, when I fish with Capt. RT Trosset, I know I’ll experience light tackle nirvana. Capt. RT is always coming up with innovative fishing techniques, and his boat and tackle are state of the art. I always come away from a day on the ocean feeling top of my game when I fish with Capt. RT Trosset."

Steve & Amy

" We have had nothing but the best time with RT during our many trips.   His knowledge of the water and it’s different species is endless.  His 36’ yellowfin boat “Spindrift” is not only beautiful, it’s spotless!   There is an amazing sound system on board that is great for longer trips.  We enjoy every minute of our time on board, from watching his first mate Patrick expertly and seemingly effortlessly throw the cast net for bait to watching them cut up our haul while enjoying a glass of wine at the spectacular Oceans Edge marina.  RTs days are filled with repeat customers that he has fished for decades, which is a testament to the kind of not only captain, but human being he is.  We have gone out on the Spindrift many times and couldn’t possibly think of ever using anyone else to fish with in the Keys."

Alexandria Mason

" My trip with RT was a once in a lifetime experience. His patience and helpfulness was a great encouragement to me from the moment I hooked, fought, and ultimately landed the massive 160+ tarpon. Even though the weather took an unexpected turn for the worse, RT handled the winds and waves of the oncoming storm with ease. He kept a light, upbeat and positive attitude which was extremely motivating as  I was fighting the massive beast of a fish. It took almost an hour to land the Silver King and the reward of seeing what l had caught alongside my idols boat, was priceless!"

Danny Fox

"I was very fortunate to have met RT 35 years ago and I have to say his style of fishing, attention to detail and ability to know when to switch to Plan B is 2nd to none. I can honestly say he was a major contributor to the success I had as a Light Tackle Angler and I am sure many others who have been fortunate enough to spend time with him both on and off of Spindrift. This year I decided to introduce my sons to Key West and RT and it was like Deja-Vu watching them and listening to their reactions."

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

“ I met and first fished wit R. T. Early in his career in the mid 70’s and have spent countless days in the water with him over the ensuing years.    The man has no equal.   He is simply the very best at what he does, and his record proves it.
R. T. knows where the fish are, how to find them, and is a master at leading his Anglers to successful hook-ups.   I’ve fished extensively throughout the Keys with many of the finest guides, but none measure up to this genial, talented, hard-working short, there is no finer salt water fishing experience that a day on Spindrift with R.T. " ~ R. Brien

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

No captain is more synonymous with or renowned in Key West than Trosset, who for 37 years has been guiding anglers to catches that include 193 IGFA world records (for which he was honored in 2004 with the association’s Lifetime Achievement Award).  ~SportFishing Magazine 02.08.13

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Over the years, Trosset’s clientele has included serious light-tackle anglers such as Gene Duval (first angler to 100 IGFA records) and Dottie Balantyne (first fly angler to 100 IGFA records). Trosset has also developed a reputation as the "guide to the stars," sharing his boat with the likes of Dick Butkus, Don Shula, Andy Mill, Paul Azinger and Rick Hendricks. Having fished in six of the world’s seven oceans over a career spanning nearly 40 years, Trosset was honored by IGFA with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. This combined with numerous inshore and offshore tournament wins has made Trosset a valued consultant for leading marine manufacturers including Yellowfin Yachts, Lowrance, Zebco/Fin-Nor and Suzuki Marine. ~Salt Water Sportsman 07.17.13

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Right around the first of November, blackfin tunas make their way into the waters off Key West. Captain Robert “R.T.” Trosset has had the fishery dialed in for years. ~Florida Sportsman 11.15.18

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